A changing community- immigration and demographics in Delta B.C.

In an otherwise very diverse neighbourhood, Delta B.C. has a low amount of immigration in comparison to neighbouring municipalities like Surrey and Richmond.

The growth of immigrants as a proportion of the population is low, 10.5 per cent in comparison to Metro Vancouver’s 23.7 per cent from 2001 to 2011. Delta has in fact seen a significant fall in immigration from the 1980s to the 2000s.
The number of immigrants moving to Delta. A significant decrease can be seen since 1981.

Of the people who immigrate to Delta, the majority are from India, followed by the United Kingdom.

Countries of origin of immigrants to Delta (2011 census data)

The majority of immigrants in Delta speak English as a home language, other major languages are Punjabi and Mandarin.

Top languages for immigrants to Delta, B.C. (2011 census data)

Immigrants to Delta are diverse not only linguistically, but also religiously. The majority of immigrants are Christians, followed by Sikhs and those without a religious affiliation. Immigrants to Delta are comparatively more religious than Canadian-born residents, with 80 per cent reporting a religious affiliation compared to only 56 per cent for those who were born in Canada.

Religious affiliation of immigrants in Delta (2011 census data)

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